Monday, May 10, 2010

saye orang baru!

yeah. after a long while, just now im feel like want to write somethg. This is the brand new template. seriously dude, i am not the computer nerd. i didnt know how to make blog fancy like my other friends. But becoz im still in the nightmare holidays now, ive put my slightest effort on making this blog NEW!

See that man with 4 of his finger wrote Fate. 4 word which make myself a human. wats that suppose t mean?

fate teach me on the purpose of life dude. How its like to be a fail-man. How its like to experience a moment where you want to scream like crazy, kick a somebodys butt, slap a looser(of coz i am) knowing your life would never be the same again. Feel it?

Postmortem on wat happen? y not. even the unimportant thing like Election in Hulu Selangor also did it,. heh

Monday, April 5, 2010

hell question

Got an email from a friend and I thought it was interesting.. The email is as follows:

The following is an actual question given on a University of Washington chemistry mid term.

The answer by one student was so 'profound' that the professor shared it with colleagues, via the Internet, which is, of course, why we now have the pleasure of enjoying it as well :

Question: Is Hell exothermic (gives off heat) or endothermic (absorbs heat)?

Most of the students wrote proofs of their beliefs using Boyle's Law (gas cools when it expands and heats when it is compressed) or some variant.

One student, however, wrote the following:

First, we need to know how the mass of Hell is changing in time. So we need to know the rate at which souls are moving into Hell and the rate at which they are leaving. I think that we can safely assume that once a soul gets to Hell, it will not leave. Therefore, no souls are leaving. As for how many souls are entering Hell, let's look at the different religions that exist in the world today.

Most of these religions state that if you are not a member of their religion, you will go to Hell. Since there is more than one of these religions and since people do not belong to more than one religion, we can project that all souls go to Hell. With birth and death rates as they are, we can expect the number of souls in Hell to increase exponentially. Now, we look at the rate of change of the volume in Hell because Boyle's Law states that in order for the temperature and pressure in Hell to stay the same, the volume of Hell has to expand proportionately as souls are added.

This gives two possibilities:

1. If Hell is expanding at a slower rate than the rate at which souls enter Hell, then the temperature and pressure in Hell will increase until all Hell breaks loose.

2. If Hell is expanding at a rate faster than the increase of souls in Hell,then the temperature and pressure will drop until Hell freezes over.

So which is it?

I think there is a flaw somewhere. Or it could just mean Hell defy the logic. Interesting answer though.

Monday, March 8, 2010


I have friends namely yakuza,mot, shukri we all live under one roof at prisma perdana. For yakuza, man.i miss u so much man. Where r u rite now huh? Last time a heard about you, you performing haj at mecca. Well man, I wish you all the best.. don’t forget to pray for my success.. hell im scare with the coming academic result..

For mot, yea dude. I know we lived outside college for all this years rite..we’ve been selected and hell yeah, we r the chosen one. Remember that we have to walk miles away to get to lecture hall from our home at k3? Relax mann.. I know we tougher than tat.. it was nothing compared to our experienced living in the dirty bushes at blok 7. and now we have to wait maybe 6 months or 1 year for them to look after our leaking pipe at prisma. That is our holly favorite toilet afterall..relax dude.

For shukri, man..please sleep at your place man! I know mot have a real comfortable katil to sleep with. A convenience pillow and a nice looking color- warm blanket. ya I know but sorry dude- I cant stand to watch mot sleep like threatened mice. Yesterday I saw he slept at his study table and now I see mot lying besides a big-size sleeping awie. Man..

for me-...em.?maybe later

damn im lucky

recently my dad just being promoted to ASP- precisely assistant superintedant. yes, my dad is a policeman.and he waited for 20 years to be promoted once. OH !There he is, eating ayam curry my mom cooked this evening. He just arrived home with his 2nd hand BMW car he just purchased. I tell u wat- this car is an awesome-black car, with solid and shiny body, the one which any man cant resist to take their eyes off it. And me? Im writing this- to fill an empty moment while waiting for my academic result here at my room.

Sounds arrogant? Naaah… im just shared some of my tiny happiness seeing my dad have some achievement in his life. Believe it or not, his 20 or 30 years life in his occupation as policeman didn’t bring much effect in his life rather than tiredness and dullness. When I was a teenager, form 4 or 5 I cant remember- I have seen series of event watching my father absents from his duty for the sake of “sukasuki.”.. my mom went worry then asked him y he keep doing that bad habbit since he’s old alraedy..then he said with none of expression at his face-that it is all useless. He will resign at 55 by the way(and that time-he already 50) .Plus, he keep complaining that all his hard work was taken for granted by the higher rank police officer. Could you imagine being in the same position for the last 20 years? Oh, please.. for the sake of God-nope, this is not my word.that was my dad’s word.

Seeing my friends driving their own car make me feel jealous. I don’t have a kind of family that can support me to buy my own car..
- make me feel confused whether want to blame my father, or to put a joy on it because only me have this kind of situation…



Sunday, March 7, 2010

toe-key kongsi fatchoy

ive decided to choose the green color as my blog wallpaper because to reminiscing my teacher-cikgu jamil who teach me bahasa malayu while im at standart 3. He said "hangpa pagi2 caghikla pemandangan warna hijau. tenang hati. sedap mata memandang. dan yang paling penting bagus tuk mata.ingat pesan aku nu"

well, i dont hope my blog to be read by everybody or my friends. i just hope that someday, when i get old,or when i get hit by double decker express bus while riding my motorcycle, or when i get brutally murdered by my friends coz insisting not to buy them bigMc at 2 a.m in the damn morning- i hope perhaps my family or my precious one will read it someday if not today.

here i will wrote every moment that i see, i experienced, i felt, because i know this will be sort of a "time machine "for me to get young again. well -im 22 this year. its a remember able moment for me.

yesterday was a day when the chinese resident at midah making noise with their fireworks and thunderclap that remain in action for about 1 hours. Then from angry-we turn out to be suprise with how they made it possible to buy all the stuff since 1 thunderclap is a bout 150 bucks each.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


at the end of my 1 hour-alraedy paid internet service, ill write about my hometown- holiday experience. I asked my bro about his sports achievement at school. he snapped me with a sad emotion when he told an exactly the same story as mine when i was about his age.made me sad when he said that he couldnt manage to success in the hokey selection made by teacher in-charge. then i ask about football, was he made it to represent school? again he gave me a disappointed look, said that the selection alraedy made by teacher, and the selection was held since he was standart 4-( now he is standrt 5). i dont know whether or not its just my damn nonsense feeling but i can feel the anger of him for not been given a trust to get one of the position in school sports. I went ridiculously sad with a sudden tear dropped at this damn eating table while we waiting for the ordered food to come. It was a tom yam restaurant and lol, hell no im going to cry.

wop. no. i quess i should go now. ..

Sunday, February 28, 2010

thanks pak cik. =_=

cant forget how Prof razman give me an angry face while i was doing my long case presentation last 2 weeks. this time, my patient have a current problem of urine leakage from the surgical wound that had been done last 1 month or 1 week? i dont know bcoz tat pakcik kind of forget the surgical date, and im suppose to get thejob done in the crazy and hectic study week.

Give prof razman a positive taught- i admit that i am nothing but dumb med student coz think that my short and incomplete case presentation will be an a ok to him." ala, prof razman kan baek"-my friends rite there give her words to me.

as expected, there was a lot of things that he complained to me regarding how hopeless i am as a medical student and how frustrating he is to see my awful presentation. yeah,lol, and pls tke note that this time, is an assess-long case prsentation. im sppose to get continuous mark from a dead meat-darn simple.

Then prof razman ask the patient a few information that i miss. The patient goes stumble and clumsy but really can come out with a satisfactory answer.

Thanks pakcik. u really help.peh


juz finish my regular 60 minutes futsal evening game. like always, im tired of my style of playing football. or should i say, futsal. I've tried so many techniques of playing, yet i felt so stupid coz not improve after all this while effort. Maybe :
1-because of shoes. using the unsuitable one. or like malay girl say," kasut jalan"
2-becuase ive got no talented at all
3.- i am super not cool like they always said..
u know, when u r a footballers in my previous school, u've been call a hero. chicks like u alot coz u famous. being a school footballers is equivalent to a rock stars as in adult world-my world rite now

hey. do u know that being a really guy in my world is to master the skills of playing football or else u've been acting like somekind of jerk in the futsal court?

do u know that if u dribbling ball with weird way, some other cool guy-(one with which scored the ball straight to the goal post everytime had a chance) will call u a " boooooo"

sometimes u should think how great it is to be a woman

talking bullshit . silly

umbro college

this entry is about my futsal shoes. teared apart yesterday or the day before-i dontknow..frustrating untill now. it was my damn-expensive umbro futsal shoes! y the heck it cant stand a pressure of kicking besides of jogging that i do everyday?

"mahal tapi kualiti cam siot"-like a malay great man say. thats when i warned u to buy an adidas shoes. expensive, quality, and style of coz-one of my prismian pal told me, get me annoyed to hear it.

u know wat prismian stand for? it is an abbreviation of us who live in prisma apartment, an outside kolej tun dr ismail resident..

which means-we r passive and antisocial
which means-we were not involve in any activities organised by kolej jawatankuasa
which means-heck, we dont care to a meritocrasy system as set by rules and regulations to live in kolej hostels..hell no we dont care. and even if we care to take part in any activity, it just for doing our frank favour to our friends rite there-who live inside kolej.

i felt sympathy to my friend whom their laptop, motorcycle and money being stolen by the so-called unknown person. where the hell their security?? where is the guard of the college?

somehow i felt sick of this conversation..

daamnn!!!-its an analogic of my umbro shoes which mahal but low quality. same goes to them-my friend which make a great efford to get a high mark merit, joined many activities, and so on...ending up by low quality of security surveillance. basic things in residential area. damn u lazy guard

damn im scare

today woke up late. 2.40 in the evening. man . i still got another 1 osce test left this wednesday but seems to do nothing in preparation of it. to whom which dont know wat heck osce is- it is a special kind of test, usually done after theory paper examination. Medicine, need a student who really perform their best in theory, but also practical and the professional and personal developement. Required to act, to show how we handle the equipment, and so on. Suppose to be fun exam afterall. And while we act,there is this examiner stand seriously watch our performance at the end of the room. Give their very best mark suitable for this student.. And if ur not a good actor, maybe ull fail this exam.. and if u fail this exam, ur high score theory paper wont change much on ur result to a happy ending flying color result. seriously. it scare a hell out of me


Saturday, February 27, 2010

hidup asrama. awie story

  • arini tak tido. jam dah pukul 5.09 a.m. tak tido lagi sebab asyik sangat sembang ngan mod ngan awie pasal pengalaman asrama.
  • diorang ne memang duduk asrama dari tingkatan satu. saampai tingkatan 5 kat sekola dulu. same. jadi kitorang simpan pengalaman manis masing2. Kalo cite pengalaman duk hostel dedulu, semue senyum2, gelak la, dan sengih sinis teringat zaman2 gelap dulu
  • masalah seniority-membuli, pukul junior, kantoi hisap rokok, tampar junior, dan masalah time jadi junior cam dibuli, basuh baju senior, kee pukul, kene maki, jadi hambe tuk senior amek airla,buahla makanan la, dan macam macam ag. hahaha
  • awie cerite pasal member die. name tan. chinese paling bijak penah die jumpe. time cikgu ngaja die maen naruto.gameboy. sekali tu kantoi, cikgu tanye die satu soalan.die pun terbengong cakap kuat, "this question is so stupid"-maybe time ne die tenga kalah maen game tuh,haha. cikgu tanye die ag. die pun jawab laa mcam macam pasal jawapan tu-untok cover.die memangla bijak. sampai tau nak bakar meje sendiri ngan campuran air liur plus some ingredient lab chemical yang die amek sekepul(awie tunjuk tangan penumbuk untuk gambarkan sekepul). ditambah ngan kantoi simpan rokok, cd lucah, komik lucah yang disimpan dengan rapinye dalam katil yang dihiris halus, die dibuang sekola oleh pengetue sekolahnye. sampai result spm, die datang dengan kete pajero yang bergaye sambil kelua dengan cemin mate hitamnye. lalu dikoyakkan result spm nye sambil die bekate" i dont need this skool to get a straight A-one for my spm result. awie kate time tu budak2 tegamam, tesentak den tegelak lepas die wat gitu. hahaha.awie cakap pengetue dah merah2 da muke tahan malu. aku ase cam cite ne menarik. terus aku tulih dalam blog-sori awe, aku ciplak

Hidup Asrama- amir stoly

  • aku lak cite sal ade dak kat doom aku ade pulak kes merabe rabe sesame lelaki. Aizat meah-member aku dulu kene jugak. Die tebangun bile terase spendernye ditarik2.haha.sebab sebelum ne da ade kes jugak rabe. so die gagahkan diri bangun. yang nampak cume samar2 bayang orang-yang ne yang aku geram ne aku cakap kat mod dan awie.eeey...geram aku. kolola nampak.da lame da kitoang balun dak tu. kate aku sendiri.muahaha.dak tu pakai baju bombe. ade due je kadet bombe batch kitoang. 1-ehem ehem. 2-ehem ehem jugak. name dirahsiekan. aku pun tak ingat. tapi suspect kedue ne yang kitoang taget. sebab aizat meah kate die katil depan seket je dari die. dah la kantoi tak tido. selidik punye selidik, ceh upenye die dah ade history merabe budak.lelaki maksud aku. -time ne mesti koang yang pempuan dah vomit ke nausea ke, yedak?hahaha
  • satu ag cite aku nye asrama ialah diari cinte telarang.ngehehe. Ali-bukan name sebena(kang ade yang tampar aku. name typical jugak aku amek.hahaha. peduli hape. ).. Ali ade propose kat sorang pempuan ne.die kate la die jatuh cinton sangat kat minah ne. tapi minah ne kate die tak hensem, kurus sangat, dan lembut. esh2. kesian Ali,merane kene reject. then tak tahan sangat stress , die jumpe la mamat Hamdan ne-again bukan name sebena(do, penat a nak cakap. paham2 a sendiri a.takan nak gtau name sebenar?haaahh!! haaaahhh!!-tudia emo)..mamat hamdan ne aku kenal. die ahli Pembimbing Rakan sebaye.die memangle baek orangnye. penah die tunggu aku bukak puase supaye dapat berjemaah sesame .Time tu die makan lamat.aku puase sunat.hahaha. baek sioot aku dulu.
  • okok. terus, Hamdan pun bagi nasihat tak putus putus kat Ali. tup tap, Ali ase cam Hamdan ne baek sangat kot, die jatuh cintan daa. Semue ne aku bace diari die. Budak budak asrama aa. Dapat je terus passing passing.hahaha.teruk gile.haaha. aku bace setengah je bile die tulis-"aku terase nak cium Hamdan bile die pakai baju melayu. kiiiiuuuXXXXXX.hahaha. takdapek den nak nolong. aku muntah on the spot. wallawe.ade nasik ikan jaket da.haha

hidup asrama-mot stoly

  • Mot cite sal die dulu kat sekola. Ketue blok beb.hahah. solute aku. Mod jadik ketue blok?? tak cayeee je.haha. then die cite a. Die jenis selalu kene marking ngan Cikgu. jenjalan seket dah kene sound. Baju tak kemas la. Tak pakai nametag a. Ade satu ari cikgu kate"kenape kamu kureng sangat a?"haha. tapi mod cakap,itu dulu. skang die baek ape. die cakapla.sori mot.yang best bile mot cite die sebagai ketue blok penah sound bebudak asrama die. kes ilang duet."Aku tau sape pencurik tu. Malam ne tak bagi balek kat tuan die, silap a kaurang." malam tu si budak kene curik tu bitau mot die dah dapat balek duet bawah tilam. Gracias mot, aku tau ko ade bakat dalam leadership.boleh gilap.kalahkan oden-den,jangan mara.gurau jeee =)
  • penat a aku tulis.kan aku kate..kolo start cite bab ne aku tak ngantok. entry laen a aku sambung.
  • aku bangkang sape sape yang kate hostel life-is worthless. its a kind of moment that can bring zillion joy to us, and even when we have child, or grandchild-this is the story that we can share to them. Held ur head up hight because succeed to live with the hard moment back then.
  • i smile to think of it. r u?

Friday, February 5, 2010

bodoh sombong versus tak tahu

tadi ustad kat hukm terang pasal mazhab. die kate "kalau kite taknak ikut 4 mazhab yang sedie ade sekarang, kite sebenonye-membuat mazhab yang lagi satu"-->yang ne aku setuju le sangat. malah bukan satu lagi mazhab, malah beribu ribu mazhab. mane taknye weh, dah kolo ilmu tu nipih macam kulit epal, teterok ag kulit bawang, peh tu ase cam mazhab ne mengarut, try cube tafsir huku hakam dengan care sendiri, alamat masalah besarlaa jadinye. dan yang lebeh teruk, bile raamai yang dah percaye dengan jangan ikut2 mazhab, make beribu ribu kepala hutak mereka menafsir alquran dan sunnah dengan care sendiri. Dan kolo nak tau, mereke mereka yang support jangan ikut mazhab ne ade ramai o skang. panggil saje mereke- GTIM-yakni geng takmau ikut mazhab.

situasi ne menjadikan aku pelik. bukan sebab ape, sebab dah rase macam kite ne dekat sangat ngan kiamat. dah selalu sangat menyalahkan orang ulama dulu2. bukan ke itu satu petande kiamat??

sebenonye skang, aku nengok la, orang zaman sekarang ne bute ati(termasuk akula tu, hehe) sebab due pemboleh ubah ne,
1- orang sekarang bodoh sombong=>bermakne, cam orang sekarang, dilahirkan islam , belaja agak2 sekola renda, dah ade basicsikit2(tu pun ade gak yang seket2 tak ingat), dan selaluu diingatkan dengan rutinnye tentang agama ne.. jadi bile dah bosan, golongan ne cenderung kepade membuat sesuatu yang luar dari zahir(ang tak betolla kire)sebagai contoh ayat-"ala, bosan betolla ustad ne, asyik cite bende samee je" so, jadila diorang ne GTIM zaman sekrang. pendapat aku, mengong ape, dah tau ilmu tu seket, nak bodo somong pasai pa. bile ustad bagi kuliah, dengo la terperinci. ne belum agi denga ustad tu bebicare,ko da menyembang bagai, dengan alasan-ala, ne mesti bende2 biase ustad ne nak cite..suro wat baek..padehal tak denga lagi.....aduhai aduhai~cam aku jek ;)

2-orang sekarang yang betol2 jahil(taktahu)-golongan ne adela golongan yang memang tak tahu pasal agama kite...apelagi nak denga ustad2 cite pasal semayang la, ibadah la,sedekah jariahlaa, jangan arapla..sebab memang hati takkan tebukak untuk denga..silap -dorang memang takkan denga kecuali dengan hidayah Allah..di sinila peranan pendakwah..cite bab2 basic yakni iman yang ne aku tak tau la nak cte..

aku ase , 2 sebab ne la yang menjadi faktor agama kite maken tepeson sekarang. Yang dah tau, wat sambel lewa je, taknak berusaha tau lebeh..wat bodo..senanye bodo somo.Yang taktau, memang takkan dengala dengan nasihat, sebab basic pun dorang tak caye. Iman maa iman.. dan masalah orang islam adela pade no 1 tesebut. ramai yang ikut pattern ne ak negok.

kolo aku, hehe...aku masuk tang 2 2 ne pon boley asenye. sengal da sengal, bodo somong lak tu.taknak belajo...ewa emo lak beta..kite bincang len kali..anda ase camane??

Sunday, January 31, 2010

politik kampus(warning:isu basi)

aku bace blog member2 aku.. peh, panas betol cite cite politik kampus nie.hehe..boleh bertegang urat lah kirenye. .. aku negok politik kampus yang menjadi asas politik malaysia ne bahaye o. sebab die akar segale permusuhan politik di malaysia ne...

say no to Perpecahan-say no..bcause its time for us to unite despite the arrivals of somethg bigger then we ever espected.that is dajjal laknatullah...pls visit FOM(kat facebook aje) for further knwledge

wake up!

strategi musuh berjaya

salam rakan rakan
arini saye nak merungkai kekusutan politik kampus yang melande kolej akhir akhir ini...tetapi.,saye nak cite lu sejara seba sedikit punca perpecahan kite zaman ini

sejak british menjajah tanah malaya dan memperkenalkan sekularism atas dasar nodus ordo seclorum( new world order-yang sebenarnye sudah lama dirancang even sebelum ayah bush mengungumkannye pada tanggal 9-11-1990-sile bace sal new world order agenda dulu-kolo idak tak paham)...mereka membahagikan pendidikan, politik, kehidupan org2 di tanah melayu kepada agama dan dunia.. mende ini kekal sampai ari ini.. di mane ade aje sekolah kebangsaan -1 dan sekolah agama -2...sebenarnye ini adalah plan mereka untuk memecahkan umat islam time itu untuk senang diperintah.. mereka memecah mecahkan persaudaraan penduduk di tanah melayu untuk senang diperintah..mereka juga ada membahagi bahagikan penduduk mengikut kaum-kaum cina di lombong lombong, india di estet dan melayu di kampung kampung...


kite lihat, jike kite lihat, kesan sejarah tersebut terhadap punca perpecahan masih kekal sampai sekaang..politik di kampus menjadi salah satu sebab permusuhan kukuh apabila masing2 cuba menunjukkan pendapat pihak masing masing... kalau difikirkan sebenarnya, kedua dua pihak mempunyai objektif yang sama ..mencari kepimpinan yang bagus, supaya pelajar dapat faedah tak kira la kerohanian, akademik atau yang laen laen... tidak timbul isu puak puak kerana objektifnya sama. dan jika difikirkan rancangan pemimpin yang dpilih tidak sesuai, kita bole bantah sahaja..sama juga jika kita nak cadang sesuatu-samada membuat aktiviti dakwah dan kerohanian, kite bleh je cadang...

yang penting kite SATU dan bukan BERPECAH

ahli secret society freemansonic yang menguasai kewangan, politik , ketenteraan dan dikatakan akan menjadi pengikut 2 dajal yang setia telah lama wujud di dunie ni, bejaya memecah belahkan semue org..akal diorang yang intelek tak mengejutkan aku jike mereka memecahbelahkan mahasiswa2 dengan politik sebab mereka tau, mahasiswa adalah teraju pembaharuan seseuah negara..
(they devide, lastly -they conquer)

kami anti freemansons-dari prisma perdana free our mind crew-thx to mott~the pro-illuminati,

Friday, January 15, 2010

edisi member2

yang tengah ni niam name die. ne blog die bacela. sesuai untuk berbincang dan berbicare bab2 yang serius in the lepak2 way maybe? i dont know. yall try it yourself. adios. mamat ne sempoi beb. layan~