Sunday, February 28, 2010


juz finish my regular 60 minutes futsal evening game. like always, im tired of my style of playing football. or should i say, futsal. I've tried so many techniques of playing, yet i felt so stupid coz not improve after all this while effort. Maybe :
1-because of shoes. using the unsuitable one. or like malay girl say," kasut jalan"
2-becuase ive got no talented at all
3.- i am super not cool like they always said..
u know, when u r a footballers in my previous school, u've been call a hero. chicks like u alot coz u famous. being a school footballers is equivalent to a rock stars as in adult world-my world rite now

hey. do u know that being a really guy in my world is to master the skills of playing football or else u've been acting like somekind of jerk in the futsal court?

do u know that if u dribbling ball with weird way, some other cool guy-(one with which scored the ball straight to the goal post everytime had a chance) will call u a " boooooo"

sometimes u should think how great it is to be a woman

talking bullshit . silly


  1. prektis makes perfect lah, prof laila suh kiter wat slalu..prektis! prektis! prektis! amir boleh! tp ak tak paham yg ko ckp "sometimes u should think how great it is to be a woman"?? bleh explain cket?

  2. kalo jadi pempuan
    tayah maen bola
    senaangg siket

  3. hoho yeker..jadik lelaki tayah mekap, senaaang sket, haha

  4. make up tayah bepeloh da siap dah
    lelaki kene besukan tahap maximas

  5. haha..yeke.bagus la korg smgt bersukan yg tinggi! tak macam aku tiap2 petang tido aje, kihkih..itulah rahsia kemontelan aku..gagagaga