Sunday, February 28, 2010

thanks pak cik. =_=

cant forget how Prof razman give me an angry face while i was doing my long case presentation last 2 weeks. this time, my patient have a current problem of urine leakage from the surgical wound that had been done last 1 month or 1 week? i dont know bcoz tat pakcik kind of forget the surgical date, and im suppose to get thejob done in the crazy and hectic study week.

Give prof razman a positive taught- i admit that i am nothing but dumb med student coz think that my short and incomplete case presentation will be an a ok to him." ala, prof razman kan baek"-my friends rite there give her words to me.

as expected, there was a lot of things that he complained to me regarding how hopeless i am as a medical student and how frustrating he is to see my awful presentation. yeah,lol, and pls tke note that this time, is an assess-long case prsentation. im sppose to get continuous mark from a dead meat-darn simple.

Then prof razman ask the patient a few information that i miss. The patient goes stumble and clumsy but really can come out with a satisfactory answer.

Thanks pakcik. u really help.peh

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