Tuesday, March 2, 2010


at the end of my 1 hour-alraedy paid internet service, ill write about my hometown- holiday experience. I asked my bro about his sports achievement at school. he snapped me with a sad emotion when he told an exactly the same story as mine when i was about his age.made me sad when he said that he couldnt manage to success in the hokey selection made by teacher in-charge. then i ask about football, was he made it to represent school? again he gave me a disappointed look, said that the selection alraedy made by teacher, and the selection was held since he was standart 4-( now he is standrt 5). i dont know whether or not its just my damn nonsense feeling but i can feel the anger of him for not been given a trust to get one of the position in school sports. I went ridiculously sad with a sudden tear dropped at this damn eating table while we waiting for the ordered food to come. It was a tom yam restaurant and lol, hell no im going to cry.

wop. no. i quess i should go now. ..

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