Sunday, March 7, 2010

toe-key kongsi fatchoy

ive decided to choose the green color as my blog wallpaper because to reminiscing my teacher-cikgu jamil who teach me bahasa malayu while im at standart 3. He said "hangpa pagi2 caghikla pemandangan warna hijau. tenang hati. sedap mata memandang. dan yang paling penting bagus tuk mata.ingat pesan aku nu"

well, i dont hope my blog to be read by everybody or my friends. i just hope that someday, when i get old,or when i get hit by double decker express bus while riding my motorcycle, or when i get brutally murdered by my friends coz insisting not to buy them bigMc at 2 a.m in the damn morning- i hope perhaps my family or my precious one will read it someday if not today.

here i will wrote every moment that i see, i experienced, i felt, because i know this will be sort of a "time machine "for me to get young again. well -im 22 this year. its a remember able moment for me.

yesterday was a day when the chinese resident at midah making noise with their fireworks and thunderclap that remain in action for about 1 hours. Then from angry-we turn out to be suprise with how they made it possible to buy all the stuff since 1 thunderclap is a bout 150 bucks each.

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