Monday, March 8, 2010

damn im lucky

recently my dad just being promoted to ASP- precisely assistant superintedant. yes, my dad is a policeman.and he waited for 20 years to be promoted once. OH !There he is, eating ayam curry my mom cooked this evening. He just arrived home with his 2nd hand BMW car he just purchased. I tell u wat- this car is an awesome-black car, with solid and shiny body, the one which any man cant resist to take their eyes off it. And me? Im writing this- to fill an empty moment while waiting for my academic result here at my room.

Sounds arrogant? Naaah… im just shared some of my tiny happiness seeing my dad have some achievement in his life. Believe it or not, his 20 or 30 years life in his occupation as policeman didn’t bring much effect in his life rather than tiredness and dullness. When I was a teenager, form 4 or 5 I cant remember- I have seen series of event watching my father absents from his duty for the sake of “sukasuki.”.. my mom went worry then asked him y he keep doing that bad habbit since he’s old alraedy..then he said with none of expression at his face-that it is all useless. He will resign at 55 by the way(and that time-he already 50) .Plus, he keep complaining that all his hard work was taken for granted by the higher rank police officer. Could you imagine being in the same position for the last 20 years? Oh, please.. for the sake of God-nope, this is not my word.that was my dad’s word.

Seeing my friends driving their own car make me feel jealous. I don’t have a kind of family that can support me to buy my own car..
- make me feel confused whether want to blame my father, or to put a joy on it because only me have this kind of situation…



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