Monday, March 8, 2010


I have friends namely yakuza,mot, shukri we all live under one roof at prisma perdana. For yakuza, man.i miss u so much man. Where r u rite now huh? Last time a heard about you, you performing haj at mecca. Well man, I wish you all the best.. don’t forget to pray for my success.. hell im scare with the coming academic result..

For mot, yea dude. I know we lived outside college for all this years rite..we’ve been selected and hell yeah, we r the chosen one. Remember that we have to walk miles away to get to lecture hall from our home at k3? Relax mann.. I know we tougher than tat.. it was nothing compared to our experienced living in the dirty bushes at blok 7. and now we have to wait maybe 6 months or 1 year for them to look after our leaking pipe at prisma. That is our holly favorite toilet afterall..relax dude.

For shukri, man..please sleep at your place man! I know mot have a real comfortable katil to sleep with. A convenience pillow and a nice looking color- warm blanket. ya I know but sorry dude- I cant stand to watch mot sleep like threatened mice. Yesterday I saw he slept at his study table and now I see mot lying besides a big-size sleeping awie. Man..

for me-...em.?maybe later

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