Sunday, February 2, 2014

macamana nak conversation ngan awek


saya pun macam anda . selalu get stuck dalam conversation. dengan meletakkan "sebab..." dalam conversation anda , adalah possible bagi anda memantapkan conversation. ia tak semestinya terlalu fancy. bg sebab bodo bodo pun takpa.

situasi 1: terjumpa girl kat art gallery

boy: saye suke pic ni sebab die hitam. just sebab die hitam.
girl: oh...


situasi 2.

boy: hey there (kening terangkat) saye amir. leh kenal kenal
girl: hey.. oh nak kenal ke. tu seblah tu bf saye
boy : fuck him

bende ni aku dapat mse you tubing
 which is bende yang selalu aku buat.
harapan aku ??

lepas ni kaurang dapat expand idea korang bukan saje mase becerita dengan pempuan tapi dalam ape jua bidang .kepale asyik awek je kauni

things that i learn from mel robbins

i find myself  loss  right now and that is when i browse tedx and come across with the name of mel robbins, looking back for the past 1 month i think i really need some motivational video quite like this. i qoute  her words for reflection on what i need to do on achieving my goal to finish housemanship (junior doctor training program in Malaysia for 2 years before eligible to practice with license)

1.mel said :  i want to know what do you want. what is it that you want? pick one. you want to lose weigh? you want to triple your income? you want to find love? GET IT. dont analyze it just pick something. im goin to talk about how you get what you want. (in my case i want to finish my housemanship programmed lolll)

2.Getting what you want is easy but not simple. In fact if you think about it we live in the most amazing moment in time. So the think that up here in your brain whatever it is -guest what? you can walk into the bookstore right now and buy at least 10 book written by the credential expert on how the hell you do it. you could google it and you could probably find at least i dont know.. a thousand blogs?? documenting step by step on information that somebody else had already doing. if so what's stopping you.

3. it all comes down to one word : FINE. you hear it all the sort of cheap short to take.oh really you're fine? feeling like roomate with you're spouse and you're fine? dragging around those extra 40 pound and you're fine? really. i dont think so. dont find and excuse.try to know what you want to achieve and put away word fine in your mouth and start seek for a solution. that's why you not forcing yourself.

4. Scientist had discover the art of you being born. the art of you being born is 1:400,000,000,000 isnt that amazing. you fight with your sperm siblings and  fight against all odd just to be born by your mother. you not fine you're fantastic. you have life changing ideas for a reason. any area of your life that you want to change there is one fact that you need to know : "you are never going to feel like it.scientist call it activation energy. thats what they call the force require to change what you do to do something new. you must come face to face with physical-force required to change your behavior to get your goal. do you think that somebody that needed to lose his weight ever feels like goin on a diet? of course not. do you think they ever feel

6.what's interesting about being an adult is that when you become 18 nobody tells you that is now going to be your job to parent yourself and by parent yourself i mean its your job to make yourself do the crap you dont want to do so you can be evrything that you suppose to be. And you so damn busy to feel like it and you never goin to. When you were a kid, your parents make you do the things you dont feel like doing.because you wont.ever. not now not then not ever. and even when you good at something you'll figure out something else you dont want to do and the you plateau out you get bored oh i hate this job and the you'll look for a new one. Its very simple to get what you want but it;s not easy. you have to force youself.

hari hari penuh mencabar

saya nak bgtau yang saya lari kerja. mase tengah oncall pulak. mase tu kena marah kau kau dengan dr akma mo yang cerewet.