Monday, May 10, 2010

saye orang baru!

yeah. after a long while, just now im feel like want to write somethg. This is the brand new template. seriously dude, i am not the computer nerd. i didnt know how to make blog fancy like my other friends. But becoz im still in the nightmare holidays now, ive put my slightest effort on making this blog NEW!

See that man with 4 of his finger wrote Fate. 4 word which make myself a human. wats that suppose t mean?

fate teach me on the purpose of life dude. How its like to be a fail-man. How its like to experience a moment where you want to scream like crazy, kick a somebodys butt, slap a looser(of coz i am) knowing your life would never be the same again. Feel it?

Postmortem on wat happen? y not. even the unimportant thing like Election in Hulu Selangor also did it,. heh