Sunday, February 28, 2010

damn im scare

today woke up late. 2.40 in the evening. man . i still got another 1 osce test left this wednesday but seems to do nothing in preparation of it. to whom which dont know wat heck osce is- it is a special kind of test, usually done after theory paper examination. Medicine, need a student who really perform their best in theory, but also practical and the professional and personal developement. Required to act, to show how we handle the equipment, and so on. Suppose to be fun exam afterall. And while we act,there is this examiner stand seriously watch our performance at the end of the room. Give their very best mark suitable for this student.. And if ur not a good actor, maybe ull fail this exam.. and if u fail this exam, ur high score theory paper wont change much on ur result to a happy ending flying color result. seriously. it scare a hell out of me


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