Sunday, February 28, 2010

umbro college

this entry is about my futsal shoes. teared apart yesterday or the day before-i dontknow..frustrating untill now. it was my damn-expensive umbro futsal shoes! y the heck it cant stand a pressure of kicking besides of jogging that i do everyday?

"mahal tapi kualiti cam siot"-like a malay great man say. thats when i warned u to buy an adidas shoes. expensive, quality, and style of coz-one of my prismian pal told me, get me annoyed to hear it.

u know wat prismian stand for? it is an abbreviation of us who live in prisma apartment, an outside kolej tun dr ismail resident..

which means-we r passive and antisocial
which means-we were not involve in any activities organised by kolej jawatankuasa
which means-heck, we dont care to a meritocrasy system as set by rules and regulations to live in kolej hostels..hell no we dont care. and even if we care to take part in any activity, it just for doing our frank favour to our friends rite there-who live inside kolej.

i felt sympathy to my friend whom their laptop, motorcycle and money being stolen by the so-called unknown person. where the hell their security?? where is the guard of the college?

somehow i felt sick of this conversation..

daamnn!!!-its an analogic of my umbro shoes which mahal but low quality. same goes to them-my friend which make a great efford to get a high mark merit, joined many activities, and so on...ending up by low quality of security surveillance. basic things in residential area. damn u lazy guard

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