Thursday, May 3, 2012

post ini untuk ibu saya dan ibu2 di malaysia

-hargai mereka-

balik rumah cuti kalini aku spend more time towards hearing the thoughts of my mother. yes there she is - sleeping  besides my 13 years old brother-in the livin room-of our very own house. in front telivision to be precise. take alook at her. she look exhausted just to have a decades of years growing me up. now she just got her pension- it's been  2 months now.

this two three days we have a little time together. we sit down at the dining table-we chat. we have a great mother and son time out. sometimes a had to hold on my tears kez i dont want to ruin that moment you know.. moment when she's  being truth to me and to herself. i can sense that she's feeling a little upset of realizing of how fast the time can get. all of a sudden, when she struggling herself to feed me, to give me what i want, to put a money in my account just so i can have my supra shoes-all of a sudden her company send her a latter saying "puan, just to informed you that your 55th birthday is comin up, and by that time perhaps you prepare to say goodbye maybe to this carrier and  have a really good time at home. we wish you luck and we really appreciate your contribution all this while"

to me it sounds good. i mean she never have to rush to office 8 o'clock in the morning anymore. she can stay out of a fussy client that keep coming on to her office till late evening..nope. she dont have to do that..

but no. her responsibility is beyond your typical though. she is now thinking of how can i get my food, my shoes, my money to the state where it was before....thats when my tears comin out. i had to hold it. .

and of course /because of that , from that moment -i love my mom even more. i just know that my mom is the best mom in the world. and this statement is exclusively because i am the son of her. and i wish i can ask Allah s.w.t how much is it? how much love that the mother have? to her children .because one can never know how much. and i shed my tears in the middle of the night knowing tat-how can i enjoy chasin after some beutiful girl and treat her an expensive bouquet of flower knowing that i have my mom at my back givin me my money pocket.

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  1. amir is such a good son. your mum sure proud of you^^