Sunday, May 6, 2012

masa dan saya

-very unlimited-

jarang aku lupa makan. bila aku lupa, maksudnya something is distracting/attracting ? me and it happening rite now when im suppose to have my dinner set in my table with milo ice besides it. yesterday, i mean 8 years ago, i had'nt have any meal for sharp-one day kez i am very focusing myself to get a green light transfer from the school i hate to the school i long dream myself about. both are boarding school. both are good. but the idea is tat when you set something for so long to achieve, dont waste ur time on the second option or you might regrade it later

and it causing me to had a grunting stomach pain in the middle of the night-with my dad besides-in the car-while driving me home

"asal kau tak jom pi kedai makan. " then i said to him it is shocking- even to me/ or my realization / whatteverrr /that i forgot to take my food. silly lilly

skang aku tengah focus mendalami ilmu penulisan...lupa dinner tak padan dengan perut yang bukan main kedepan.hehe

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