Tuesday, October 6, 2009

a healthy lifestyle

it was 5.40 when i started to jog from here-my apartment to tasik which name i forgot just besides HuKM. from there i started to see a various type of thing that we didnt really appreciate on.

1-i saw handicaped motorcyclist who on his way to that tasik, complete with the jogging t-shirt and shorts. struggled to get healthy. ( y certain normal people EEAger and insist to maintain an unhealthy lifestyle?)
2-i saw 2 of my friends namely oden and p-dot ,was running to compete each other to get to cafeteria. what a life they have! they really enjoy their life by making fun of such a simple thing. On the other hands, many of us nowadays trying to do a various type of activity which exceeded the limit of our religion. Life is short but akhirat is sure.(wat am i? a parrot! say for myself first!hahha)
3-I saw the same thing as no 2. I saw 2 of apartment guard were laughing to each other because of a silly situation where one of them try to teach the way of guarding the pintu utama.

i just realized that i need to appreciate all of this rite now or otherwise i will have no fun in life.


  1. totally agree fren!

  2. sy pernah melihat "seorg pelajar medic yg selalu menganggap dirinya menyusahkan org lain" menolong seorg pak cik kurang upaya yg berkerusi roda melintas jln d traffic light dpn plaza RAH tahun lepas, "pelajar" tu berlari2 sambil tolak kerusi roda pak cik tu bawah terik matahari.. what an inspiring moment!remember that moment???

  3. hoh? tak sangke pulak ade org nampak. xtly memang senang ati jugak dapat tolong die. .hehe. =) btw, ko name siape ea? ade blog , p aku still tak kenal